Light Pole Monitoring

An autonomous aerial solution which can easily monitor the status of light pole bulbs and report its findings to the operator.


Clean User Interface

Clean, simple, and easy-to-use human interface, which doesn't require software training to operate—personnel without training can safely operate it due to built-in intelligence.

Export and Storage

Export images, recordings, and data in a wide range of formats such as CSV, PDF, and more! Securely store your data in the cloud for easy acess and retrieval.

Modular Code

The app can parse any light pole databases to access relevant information, such as pole identifiers, locations, and fixture types to produce more customized results.

See it in Action!

This isn't another one of those works-in-progress. This is a solution which is working, and is in the process of being adopted by city officials all over the Bay Area! Click the button below to see it in action.

actual light poles monitored to-date by the drone.
feet flown for data collection, field testing, and demos.
poles can be monitored on a single battery charge.


Those who've had a chance to see it in person have been impressed by the solution working in person—most people don't believe their eyes when they see each step, from takeoff to landing, handled autonomously by the companion app.

"I've never seen anything like this—and you built this all by yourself?"


"When you first contacted us, I thought this was just a cool concept. I was actually blown away when you showed the drone in action to me and my team!"


"I thought it was going to hit that tree! How did it know to go around the tree and stay on path to go to the light pole?"


Get ready for a safer, brighter tomorrow.

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